Dear Lord, Please PUH-LEEZE Tell These People to STOP WINGING IT

In November 2015, my husband and I had been in our new house for three weeks when we found out that we were expecting what is now the busiest little ball of love and energy around. The dream! But I had to push pause on everything for several months including my plans for designing my new home because #baby. That crushed my soul! Annnnnd all the houses on Instagram and Pinterest and Houzz and the blogs were just SO beautiful and furnished and accessorized and bright with the sun always shining through the window. Woe!

I think I whined more than the baby during that time (to myself and my best friend, bless her for not slapping me).

Let's fast forward. My mentality has definitely changed since that time, and I think it had something to do with letting go (and coming off those pregnancy hormones). Confession: I'm a control freak. I think most entrepreneurs are because we have to control or at least keep an eye on EVERYTHING making sure that whomever we put in charge is also in control. I'm still that way with my business, but I realized that I can't control EVERYTHING in my life. We had a baby; new furniture and new paint and new tile and new floors had to wait. Such is life.

I, who usually moves at lightning speed, was forced to hit the brakes. Thank God I did because I realized the benefits of slowing down.

1. We SAVED money!

When we moved into our house, I wanted everything done ASAP! I was so excited I didn't even have a real design plan (cringe! I am cringing!). I was....well I was just going to wing it. OH THE SHAME OF CONFESSING THAT! "Winging it" is where every design goes to die, and it's the literal antithesis of my career, but new home excitement is a hell of a drug y'all. Luckily, slowing down with the baby caused me to slow down with my home and plan my designs over time. We've saved so much money NOT making the mistakes that inevitably come with winging interior design (shivers) like buying items or selecting finishes that seem right on impulse yet, over time, just don't work and/or lose their appeal.

2. We had time to curate more experiences.

Our daughter has grown, we've taken more vacations, we've made new friends and laughed with old friends, and we have so many new memories and mementos for our home. Our perspective and life has changed, and our home reflects that. Your home should look like your life, and life doesn't happen in just one weekend. Your home is an evolution, and I always say that a stranger (hopefully invited) should be able to come in your home and come away knowing things about you that you didn't mention. My home is growing and evolving with my beautiful family, and it's reflecting us.

3. I learned to be grateful for what we already have.