Why You And Your Home Need To Be Besties

I read a wonderful article called How to Stage Your Home for Living. It discusses how when we're selling our homes, we finally repair that light that's been burnt out for six years and the leaky faucet and we clean and maybe buy a couple things to make the house look more appealing to buyers. We plant some flowers outside and get rid of clutter...and then we sell the dang house and move. And who gets to enjoy all the effort we put in? Some stranger who just bought your (their) house.

Here come the "Whys?".

Why can't we fix that light bulb for ourselves and finally be able to enjoy a night on our front porch without sitting in darkness?

Why can't we buy a couple nice things for ourselves to enjoy that make our home more appealing and comforting to us?

Why do we insist on treating our homes like temporary places to board and ourselves like temporary boarders just passing through?

Why don't we place a priority on enjoying our homes while we're there instead of merely living in them?

So many people treat their homes like they treat their office: an impersonal afterthought with about as much personality as a Hampton Inn.

Uh-huh. I went there.

People tell themselves they'll get to it later after this is done and that is done. Guess what? It's NEVER done! Your home is where your life happens. It's where you sit up all night on that first phone call with the love of your life OR where you eat that tub or two of ice cream when you break up with the love of your life (it's okay, there's another one) . It's where you make Granny's famous fried chicken and sweet potato pie for Thanksgiving dinner. It's where you shriek at the tv when your team makes it to the Superbowl, and it's where your baby finally, FINALLY stands up and takes that first wobbly step. It's where you greet trick-or-treaters and send them away with smiles. It's where you greet Amazon packages that send you away with a smile. It shelters you and yours from the cold and the rain for goodness sake!

Your home should please you and look like a member of your family, so buy it some flowers and a pretty dress and make it feel loved. You'll end up living your best life and thanking yourself...and maybe me too, aw shucks : )