Coachella For Interior Designers - The EXCLUSIVE Back Stage Pass!

"Market is like Coachella for interior designers".

-random woman getting coffee next to me-

For years I have struggled to describe High Point Market to people, but that little nugget up there sums it up! Gold-dusted naked chicks and all. No. Not exaggerating, I saw boobies you guys and immediately thought, "Lordt, what in the Flashdance is going on in here? I mean WHAT in the Striptease!?!?! This is somebody's daughter!". #momthoughts

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Aside from Girls Gone Wild!, design professionals worldwide flock to good old High Point, NC - which is the home furnishings capital of the world along with, you know, friggin Milan, Italy - twice a year to GET OUR LIFE on alllll the new design products out in these streets. We sit on the newest sofas, caress the newest fabrics, and whisper sweet nothings to the newest accessories all while eating unlimited food, drinking unlimited alcohol, and bumping into nobodies like Joanna Gaines and The Property Brothers...the little people.

It's a party fam!

We do work too! Promise! Lol! And to prove it, I'm letting you in on 1, 2, 3 (my toddler is learning to count so I can't help it) of the freshest design trends straight from Market that will make your home SHINNNNNEEEE!!! Yup. Uh huh. So without further ado, it's time to run out and get some...


Image: Megan Pflug Designs

Let me shout this: WALLPAPER NEVER GOES OUT OF STYLE; THE STYLE JUST CHANGES. Don't let those 58-year-old men working at Home Depot lie to you because they don't know. And fam, it's better and more beautiful than ever!

Why it's awesome: The beauty of it you ask? First, wallpaper is COMPLETELY REMOVABLE now. There are wallpapers you can reposition without paste up to 100 times. The hell-of-wallpaper-past no longer exists. Second, bold wallpaper holds it's own. You don't have to put 10,000 pictures on it because it's art itself.

What you do with it: Slap it on the back of some open-faced shelving for instant eye-candy. Upgrade that tired accent wall from 2010 with a bold print. Frame it for instant large-scale artwork at a fraction of the price. Cover a room head-to-toe. Get your life! Please believe, everyone respects the bad ass with the wallpaper.


Image: Amber Interiors

They. Are. MY. JAM! And they need to be yours too. Why? Read on.

Why it's awesome: They go with anything. ANYTHING. From accessories to upholstery, luxe to laid-back, global prints come in all different colors, textures, and patterns, and you guys, they seriously add a cultured beauty to any space so people think you're fancy and interesting. Read: get ready for double-takes...and questions like " Oh! Did you get this in Johannesburg?". Just say yes ; )

What you can do with it: The options are endless. I personally love love love global textiles (rugs, pillows, blankets, bedding) to add much-needed interest, color, and depth to a bed or a sofa. Woven baskets and bowls are being snapped up by just about everyone for 3D wall decor that makes your friends go "Well damn!" and for more functional uses like drool-worthy storage that makes your friends go "Well damn!" Artwork, wallpaper, vases, everything has been touched by the global fairy which means, yes, you don't have to look any further than beloved Target to get HOOKED UP!


I know, I know, that's like 10,000 things, but at least two of them were paired so often that grouping them here only seemed natural. And hint hint, add a bit of gold to set any of these off. #peasandcarrotsyall

Why it's awesome: Every single last one of these finishes are timeless, simple, and sexy! And appearing everywhere in unexpected ways: dining room tables, coffee tables, end tables, light fixtures, lamps, accessories, everywhere I tell you. And they add that elegance that is both calming and edgy at the same time. You literally can't go wrong.

What you can do with it: Look for sleek black matte light fixtures to be the highlight of your space. Sconces, pendants, chandeliers, get thee one. Also, APPLIANCES are now coming in matte black (and white); no, no, no, it's not ya mama's shiny, black, enameled refrigerator from 1999 (heyyyy Mom, love you!).

Image: via (GE Matte Kitchen Line)

Marble (or the marble look, we're for that too) is now all over coffee tables, end tables, accessories, and of course tile and countertops as it has always been used. Use it to add a chic element to any shelf decor or to make a Hot Damn! (which is country for Wow!) statement in your dining or living room tables. Just make sure the rest of your room lives up to it : ) The look is even being found in textiles!

Image: DENY Designs

And oh our friend concrete. Concrete countertops are the bee's knees, and you can also find it in artwork, coffee and end tables, and accessories.

That's it for now fam. Watch the video below for a special insider sneak peak of a certain showroom that may rhyme with Shmagnolia Shmome ; ) See the yarn ball chandelier? #ohjojo #whereisthelight

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