The paint scandal of 2016 and the paint company that will make your life 1,000 times easier

I got my master bedroom painted in 2016. I was 7 months pregnant. I chose 3 colors. It made sense at the time. Did I mention I was 7 months pregnant?

The top two pics are actually the same color in different lighting. The last one is actually gray with that pink sectional reflecting on it making it look mauve. Do you see why I'm painting??? The big brown feature wall (not pictured) that I had big feature dreams for isn't pictured because I never did anything with it; it just ended up being a big brown wall of failure. While I can't remember all 3 colors I chose, I do remember choosing Sherwin Williams Sea Salt for the main part of my room which I recommend to everybody. It's in my mama's house. It's about to be in my neighbor's house. If you want serene, go with Sea Salt. If you want a color that caresses your face, go with Sea Salt.

Y'all. I WAS YESTERDAY YEARS OLD WHEN I DISCOVERED THAT MY BEDROOM IS NOT PAINTED IN SEA SALT. Apparently FILMY GREEN is also serene. Apparently Filmy Green also caresses your face. APPARENTLY FILMY GREEN IS WHAT THE PAINTERS PAINTED MY ROOM IN 2016. And I'm like HOW SWAY? I'm not yelling at you; I'm yelling at my 2016 painters.

Back story. I'm doing the One Room Challenge. It's a biannual event for anyone who wants to do a design project and be a member of a community while doing it. It lasts 6 weeks. AWESOME new rooms are the result! So I'm refreshing my master bedroom, painting half white to brighten it up (the mauve part, yuck), getting rid of that awful big brown wall, and that brings me to the scandal!

This was supposed to be the easiest part right above putting the new pillows on the sofa. Isn't that always how it goes? So basically I went and got a little pint of Sea Salt in Sherwin Williams Emerald which is their premium line (EXCELLENT COVERAGE! Took one coat!). After it dried, I then noticed IT WAS A WHOLE DIFFERENT FRICKIN COLOR than the rest of my room. Super close in color, almost thought my eyes were playing tricks on me, but nope! I was looking at a bluer, richer color, and I'd even "covered" a couple imperfections on another wall. Deeeefinitely not the same color.

So as I sat there in a stupor thinking "I'm going to have to repaint this whoooole daggum (southern word for damn) room, God sent a messenger in (husband), and I was told to just go to the garage and get our old room paint and cover that wall with it. Oh. Yeah. That could work. I mean, I've been very happy with the color (even though I've always thought "Hmmm, Sea Salt is greener than I thought it would be....").

So, still thinking that this was a tale of two different Sea Salts, I ventured down to our hot ass garage looking through about 10 faded-label (they're 4 years old) paint cans for Sea Salt. Not there. After 10 sweaty minutes, I came upon Filmy Green. I said, "Who's paint is this? Previous owner?" And it dawned on me what went down. And I did a little crazy laugh...okay a big one.

So that's where we are with my "easy peasy" part of the project. Duped. Scandalized. And about to paint over Sea Salt with Filmy Green. I love Filmy Green. I love Sea Salt better. I don't have time y'all. DAMMIT!

On a non-scandalized note, meet Clare

Do you want to choose a paint color quickly? Hi Clare, nice to meet you. I was introduced to this paint company through my most fabulous, world-traveling, yoga on the moon college homey Natasha Nyanin. For the record, I knew this influencer back when she used to run around in Pumas and ankara-fabric skirts...and she was still an influencer in 2004 before it was a thing. Anyhoo, of course her New York City apartment that she designed was featured on Architectural Digest here #proudfriendbragmoment It is everything.

Nyanin put me on Clare which is a company geared toward the "I have 10,000 things going on and don't want to sift through 10,000 paint colors but just want a few really great colors presented to me" person. Me. Probably you. I said hey, it's worth a shot!

The company has 56 (I think) colors. SO easy to process and scroll through! And y'all, the colors are beautiful. It was started by an interior designer who knows color, so she specifically curated them. I wanted a warm white so I went with Whipped. I haven't gotten around to using it yet because of #life and now the paint scandal of 2016 has to be fixed, but I will be painting in the next couple of days and I'm so excited for this. The paint is apparently superior in every way, non-toxic, self-priming, minimal splatter, basically a non-painter painter's dream.

So that's it for now y'all, it's my Mama's birthday so I have a queen to pamper in a pandemic. Gotta scoot!

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