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"I consider myself blessed that my life's purpose is to design interiors for people that they will cherish for life."

Owner | Principal Designer


Interior designer Aundrea Bakare opened Aundrea Bakare Designs in 2015 following a corporate career in public policy and government affairs. Aundrea's natural aptitude and love for creating dynamic, luxury environments was actually fueled by a lack thereof growing up; her father's career relocated her family to several different states and homes. Thus, personalizing their homes to taste always fell prey to a quick and easy sell. Despite these circumstances, Aundrea learned how to be resourceful and decorated her room in a way that could move from house to house which gave her a sense of home no matter where she lived. 

Sophisticated interiors with a laidback vibe and eye-catching statements are the hallmark of Aundrea Bakare Designs. Aundrea has perfected the art of expertly balancing timeless foundations with distinctive accents. The result? Bespoke interiors that uniquely fulfill the client's needs and tastes and, just as importantly, remain timeless.

Aundrea's background has given her a keen skillset to meet the needs of business professionals - especially executive mothers like herself - whose time is limited due to demanding responsibilities both in the office and in the home. Aundrea's passion is designing and producing a home that serves this particular individual in several ways:


  • A source of relaxation

  • A source of rejuvenation

  • A source of delight

  • A source of pride

Aundrea knows for a fact that people thrive when their home is thriving. Aundrea also knows that a design project is so much more than the design; luckily, she brings a wealth of transferable skills in strategic planning, budget management, and project management to ensure an orderly, coherent, and enjoyable client experience. From luxury kitchen design to living rooms, bedrooms, and playrooms, Aundrea and her team are more than ready to handle every aspect of your project. Click the "Contact" button below to take the first step to achieve the beautiful home you work hard for and deserve!

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